January 2010

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What’s In This Issue (110 KB)

Letter From the Editor by Jane B. (401 KB)

Column Keeping Up With Governor Palin by Ron Devito (364 KB)

Column In Defense of Sarah: The First Battle by Mario J. Borgatti (148 KB)

Featured Article: Helping Christian Children Understand Self-Defense
 by Leslie J. Kendall and Cartoon by Rita Welegala
(239 KB)

Featured Article: Prenatal and Newborn Screening by Teresa Willige (960 KB)

Column Featured Member: The Water Cooler by Jane B. (291 KB)

Column Reflections of a Conservative: Seeking Perfection
 by Chris B.
(412 KB)

Column Upper Room: Our Children in 2010: Praising God by Erwin B. (620 KB)

Column Stand Up!: In the best interest of the child… Really?
 by Thomas S Schmitz
(533 KB)

Book Review: “Arguing With Idiots – How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government”
 by Glenn Beck, reviewed by Jane B.
(248 KB)

Member Mutterings: Team Sarah Members Speak Out
 On Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue”, compiled by Jane B.
(1.2 MB)

Wrap Up by Chris B. (260 KB)


One response to “January 2010

  1. As a huge Sarah Palin fan, I just wanted to say that the concept here “what will the future hold for our children”, is the exact reason why I support Sarah and the shared vision she has with Ronald Reagan.

    My wife and I are raising our Granddaughter and want the absolute best for her when she get’s older. However, if we don’t take decisive action this year I’m afraid we will be dragged further into a Marxist controlled central government.

    So no matter what we do to right the course of this once great Nation, it will always be for the children. As it should be.

    Sarah, you go girl!


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